Structuring Ownership Participation

JBM is designed to systematize and institutionalize shared rights, responsibilities, risks and rewards within all company operational and governance structures involving:

  • Corporate values and vision
  • Leadership development and succession
  • Corporate governance and future planning
  • Operations (policies and procedures) and hardship sharing policies
  • Communications and information sharing
  • Training and education
  • Pay and rewards
  • Grievances and adjudication

    A well-designed Justice-Based ManagementSM system sharpens and crystallizes the leader's philosophy around “universal” principles, providing a solid foundation for a corporate culture that enables people to internalize these guiding principles. JBMSM generates organizational synergy by connecting each worker-owner to the financial tools of ownership (i.e. ESOP and profit sharing), participative management systems, and a defined share of power in the governance of the organization. This in turn enables people to make better decisions, discipline their own behavior, and work together more effectively and cooperatively—because it is truly in their self-interest to do so.